Coalition Members


Coil will use Interledger to make the web a more vibrant market for apps and content, where everyone’s contributions are rewarded.

There is little doubt that payments will get increasingly automated and friction will decrease. However, this creates new challenges and opportunities for financial regulation. As a company that heavily relies on modern payment technologies, we’re excited to participate in SAIV from a user’s perspective to help lawmakers and regulators navigate this space.

- Stefan Thomas, Founder, Coil


PolySign works to build security and custody solutions for cryptocurrencies.

Digital assets will only reach their full potential/adoption when we achieve widespread education and understanding as well as institutional-grade infrastructure in the industry. SAIV will focus our efforts on working with those US policy makers and government agencies who can help us realize these initiatives.

— Jack McDonald, CEO, PolySigN


Ripple provides one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce their costs and access new markets.

The Internet of Value will have the same dramatic economic and social benefits as the internet protocol did for data and the shipping container did for goods. America has the opportunity to lead this global transformation.

— Chris Larsen, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, RipplE


Hard Yaka is an investment firm that focuses on portable identity, payments, and marketplaces.

Hard Yaka welcomes an opportunity to foster a dialog with US policy makers to ensure US led digital payments efforts will flourish at home and abroad.

— Greg Kidd, Co-Founder, Hard Yaka


RippleWorks Foundation brings the practical support entrepreneurs need to scale faster and improve more lives. RippleWorks partners social ventures around the world with leading Silicon Valley startup expertise for short-term, high-impact projects.

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